Solving My Paint Problem

I started trying to tackle my excessive paint problem today, while also starting a general clean out of my project area. My plan is to fit all my paints into a combination of on-desk racks, and shelves attached to the IKEA Skådis pegboards I have attached to the wall.

As I move paints from the cabinet to the shelves, I will probably find a bunch of paints that are no longer “good” through lack of use. That will be stage one of the cull – get rid of these bad paints. Stage two will be rationalising any duplicates; there’s likely to be more than one pot of the duplicates open, so I’ll try to combine them into one pot.

While testing the shelves I discovered that the dropper bottles used by some manufacturers allow me to fit nearly twice as many paints per shelf as the pots used by the others. I’ve ordered some empty dropper bottles and plan to decant the pots into these – hopefully reducing the space needed for paint even further! By my count, I can fit nine shelves, each holding 33 bottles. Even though there are some paints which can’t be decanted, that should be more than enough space for everything!

Once the paints are in order, my next job will be addressing all the other project supplies that are taking up space. I’m undecided if I want to try fit these all into the cabinet (once it’s free of paint) or eliminate the cabinet entirely – which means the sundries will have to be found a new home, or eliminated entirely. But that’s a problem for another day…


Too Many Paints

After receiving my latest order of paints, yesterday, I’ve come to the conclusion this morning that I have too many paints. My storage cabinet is overflowing, my “overflow box” (actually three boxes) is overflowing, and now the excess are stacking up on my desk and floor.

I’ve got paints from several different manufacturers and ranges. I’ve got acrylics, I’ve got oils, I’ve got enamels and mediums and thinners. I’ve got more than a few duplicates, because I lose track or misplace paints. I’ve got paints I’ve never used but figured they might come in handy one day. Worst of all, I’ve got paints I’ve never used because I never got around to doing the project I intended to use them for.

It’s all because I hate mixing my own colours. I’m lazy; why mix the perfect shade each time, when there’s a “close enough” ready-made pot in a particular range? Why thin a paint for the airbrush, when there’s a pre-thinned version available? There’s also a question of consistency across projects, but let’s put that to the side for now: I can’t remember the last time I stuck with a project long enough this would be a relevant concern…

So ultimately, I need to have a cull. Some paints are so useful I’ll keep no matter what, but most could probably go. Maybe I could trim down enough that I could get rid of the cabinet entirely and have a much more comfortable time in my tiny painting nook. That’s probably crazy talk, but who knows?