New Year, New Blog

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New blog, who dis?

My previous blog suffered a server mishap towards the end of the year, one that I didn't really have time to resolve. It didn't help that I'd been overcome by a certain amount of ennui. So in the end I decided to archive the site (more on that in a future post) and start afresh.

I was keen to try something new, so quickly came around to the idea of using Eleventy (aka 11ty) and Netlify. The biggest advantage of this would be not having to maintain a server or Wordpress. The biggest downside would be a less convenient workflow for firing off quick posts from mobile (especially photo posts).

I had a minor wobble of faith in my plan a couple of days ago, and nearly went live with another self-hosted Wordpress install, but I was never satisfied with what I was able to do with that. After a sigh, a quick "fuck it," and quickly pulling things together this morning, here we are. Statically-generated HTML on Netlify, via Eleventy and Git.

To get up and running quickly, I've used Andy Bell’s lovely Hylia starter template. Long term, my goal is to basically replace this with my own templates, but it's a great starting point for building off of.

What about the Indieweb? permalink

I'm a big fan of the Indieweb approach. I think nearly everyone should have their own domain and website instead of relying on social media platforms. Out of the gate I haven't got any of the basic building blocks of the Indieweb in place.

This is just a consequence of pulling the site together at the last minute. Over the coming days/weeks/months I'll be adding in microformats, webmentions, and hopefully POSSE syndication.

But that's for the future. For now, I'm just happy to have somewhere off my own to post things again.