A screenshot from the Lychee slicer software, used for preparing files for 3D printing. The Auto-Arrange function has been used to arrange 20 of the same model of a shield. All of the models are perfectly aligned, as if in a 5x4 rectangle, apart from one, which is in the middle of a row of its' own, leaving a gap at the bottom of the final column. The author has circled it in red, and drawn a green arrow pointing to a blue circle where there was a space for the model to go. At the bottom of the screenshot, the author has messily scribbled "WTF?" in red

I really wish I understood the logic behind Lychee‘s “Auto-Arrange” function, because right now I’m sure it does things like in the atached screenshot just to upset me. It lines up almost everything neatly, but puts at least one model randomly out of place. Every. Time.

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