Too Many Paints

After receiving my latest order of paints, yesterday, I’ve come to the conclusion this morning that I have too many paints. My storage cabinet is overflowing, my “overflow box” (actually three boxes) is overflowing, and now the excess are stacking up on my desk and floor.

I’ve got paints from several different manufacturers and ranges. I’ve got acrylics, I’ve got oils, I’ve got enamels and mediums and thinners. I’ve got more than a few duplicates, because I lose track or misplace paints. I’ve got paints I’ve never used but figured they might come in handy one day. Worst of all, I’ve got paints I’ve never used because I never got around to doing the project I intended to use them for.

It’s all because I hate mixing my own colours. I’m lazy; why mix the perfect shade each time, when there’s a “close enough” ready-made pot in a particular range? Why thin a paint for the airbrush, when there’s a pre-thinned version available? There’s also a question of consistency across projects, but let’s put that to the side for now: I can’t remember the last time I stuck with a project long enough this would be a relevant concern…

So ultimately, I need to have a cull. Some paints are so useful I’ll keep no matter what, but most could probably go. Maybe I could trim down enough that I could get rid of the cabinet entirely and have a much more comfortable time in my tiny painting nook. That’s probably crazy talk, but who knows?

By Chris M.

Online since before some of you were born. Goth, but make it world-weary middle-aged dad. He/him/his. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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